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Good Places To Find Nautical Home Decor

nautical decor for home

Throughout the ages, millions of people that have lived near the sea have fallen in love with endless hours of walking on the beach and listening to the waves crash upon the rocks. In addition to that, much more have had a love of ships and sailing throughout their lives and yearn for the beautiful decorations and anything else they can put in their home to reminds them of the sea.

Nautical decorating ideas

nautical decor ideas
This type of decoration which has been termed nautical home decor it is not only quite popular along the coastlines of many countries but also in the interior sections as well. Here are some tips on how to find nautical themed decorations for your home, office, or den.

Even those who are not mesmerized by the mysteries of the deep will appreciate a nautical designing theme. However, those who can sit and contemplate the ocean’s waves for hours will certainly want to include a nautical feel into their house decor. Whatever place you think about decorating you can be sure it will bring the ocean to your environment.

You have to decide exactly what you want your room, bathroom, kitchen or corner to look like. You might already have some ideas; however, finding a couple of images of things that influence you can be very helpful when you are trying to find the ideal pieces for decorating.

When decorating in nautical decoration, furnishings will be a significant aspect of the style. You can get unfinished wood furniture and select to stain it yourself or paint it in a fresh white color. Think back to your visual motivation and try to reproduce the colors you see.

If you choose captain’s hat as your essential piece, develop your color scheme from it. Try not to stray too far from the color scheme. However, one or two pieces in vibrant contrasting colors can help to develop an innovative space.

Possibly your interest depends on design ships. Some are made of museum quality wood and are real artworks. Some are handcrafted a piece at a time and are constructed, as the genuine ones are, to last. A few of these ships sit on a base of marble to add to the quality.

You can look at house decoration publications or home decoration related tv programs for inspiration. Nautical beach styles are popular today, and you may discover some exceptional ideas. I frequently discover inspiration by viewing home enhancement shows.

Looking online for photos of homes and decor that you enjoy is also an excellent concept. While there are a lot of things that cost a lot when it pertains to nautical decor, many times you can adjust those ideas to make your very own decor. Just looking though images can even offer you some excellent ideas for developing your unique items from things you already have around the home.

It isn’t cheap, but those who want to decorate their house utilizing a nautical theme can line their walls halfway up with wainscoting and a chair rail in deeply stained wood so that the room is similar to a stunning old ship.

The color of curtains for the window depends on the style of your room and your color preference. One color that constantly relieves your eyes is a marine shade of blue, have them made with same products that cruise covers of sailboats are made. If you are more speculative, paint the walls blue, and then choose another color for the drapes or blinds. If you wish to remain basic, white is constantly appropriate.

nautical decor ideas living room

Nautical home decor

Well, with nautical decor, there are some basic guidelines to follow that can make your nautical home decor look at its finest without making your visitors want to leap overboard.


Keep the palette simple – navy, white and beige. If you desire a little dynamic color, add an accent of red occasionally. Stick to one color in each shade. Navy blue, sea-foam blue, and sky blue are simply going to look lost and muddled. For a nautical style, the simpler the colors are the much better the room will look.


Nautical accents are amazing, and there is lots of space here for unique and creative design, however, utilize care and attention. If you are going to mount an antique clipper ship wheel on your wall, that’s terrific. Simply do not fill the space with model clipper ships, too. If you do choose a single big, vibrant decoration, keep the other accessories silenced and at a smaller size. If you select a centerpiece, let it be the centerpiece!


Nautical themed areas work the best and are most cutting-edge when they are at their most basic. Not all of the furniture, in fact, has to be an antique piece of decor, however check that other designs will not clash and make the space look disjointed.


If you opted to change and vary a few of the textures in your nautical area – certainly feel free to do so. A leather sofa, wicker table, and canvas chair might look fantastic together. Be warned and utilize care. A patchwork quilt tossed over a couch is a delightful accent in a nautical room as long as the entire space does not look like a patchwork quilt.

For Thousands of Great Ideas Check out Pinterest

Although it is not always the easiest place to find products to buy, people have posted millions of great ideas on decorating their homes in different kinds of themes on the website Pinterest. There you can save individual pictures to your page so you can refer to them until a later time as you wish. In addition to that, you can print up photos of any of the images in order to take them down to any decorating store to find similar products to buy.

Underneath each picture on that website, there will be links to follow to find where the image came from. However, these are not always directly back to a place where you can purchase the item in the photo. The thousands and thousands of ideas that other people have taken photos of and posted are an incredible resource to get you started with your nautical theme decor that you desire.

There Are Entire Websites Devoted to Nautical Home Decor Items

When you search online, you’ll be able to find tons of websites that are devoted to nautical items that you could buy to decorate your house with, and you can purchase nearly everything online and have it shipped directly to your home. On the other hand, you can also go to any coastal city and find dozens of shops that specialize in real nautical items that were used on boats and ships that sailed the seas. This can be a unique way to buy nautical goods, and nearly everything would be a one-of-a-kind.

Searching through garage sales in any coastal city is also an excellent way to find things, however, sometimes it’s best to call ahead and ask if there will be in the items that you’re interested in for sale to save time. Having a nautical decor in your home can be relaxing since it will bring up memories of the good times that you had visiting the coast or sailing in the ocean and there are plenty of great decorations to be found both online and at thrift shops all along the coast.

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