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CoZroom Frameless Large 3D DIY Wall Clock

Alloy clock with mirrors face
Modern and stylish look, Runs smoothly
Powered by an AA carbon battery.



Be aware:

*1. Please use AA carbon battery (now not included).
*2. Please place both the minute hand and hour hand within the position which is towards 12 clock while you put them at the centerpiece. Don’t use your hands to spin them however the gear button at the back of the center-piece.

How to Install:

Step1: Attach the hook at the wall.
Step2: Hang the center-piece at the hook.
Step3: Hang the paper scale at the clock plate.
Step4: Mark the digital position.
Step5: Peel off the paper from the back of the Acrylic mirror.
Step6: Fit with the corresponding EVA.
Step7: Peel off the back paper of EVA.
Step8: Keep on with the wall and tear off the protecting film.
Step9: Press the hour hand into the clock axes by two thumbs, along the 12 o¡¯clock position.
Step10: Attach the minute hand in the similar way.
Step11: Tighten the nuts.
Step12: Install an AA carbon battery, adjust time and hang it at the wall. Well done.

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